Xnxx licida

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Xnxx licida

Carrie moaned louder than she has ever had in her life.

This intensity of his thick dick pounding away in her ass filled her with mind numbing pleasure to the point where she didn’t care about anything anymore.

“Thank you master,” she heaved, her hands already rubbing her nipples.

She breathed heavily, unable to get a hold of her bearings and her weakened legs shook with every effort. “Seven out of ten,” the man behind her said, “Not bad for a virgin,” Carrie wanted to recoil in disgust. Her purity, her salvation, she gave it all away to a handsome stranger that she just met?!

Sure his crooked smile made her knees weak and his shining green eyes were mesmerizing...

” Before Lucida could respond, Sister Carrie swift shoved her other fist inside her, stretching her hole wider than Lucida ever thought possible.

She yelled out her sister’s name and not before long, Carrie climaxed hard, squirting like fountain all over the wooden benches.

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Cas continued to ram his dick inside her, her walls squeezing his member every time he expertly hit her G-spot.

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