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The Code does not include treaties, agency regulations, State or District of Columbia laws, or most acts that are temporary or special, such as those that appropriate money for specific years or that apply to only a limited number of people or a specific place.For an explanation of the process of determining which new acts are included in the Code, see the About Classification page.The first type of change involves changing the section number, known as the designation. Amendment notes or other editorial notes clarify whether an act amended the section or amended a prior amendatory act.

In the past, it was the Code style to add words such as “of this subsection”, “of this section”, and “of this chapter” following references to a paragraph, subsection, or subchapter. These notes, some of which are contained in tables, are similar to other statutory notes in that they are based on statutory provisions, have full source credits, and are updated as appropriate for any amendments.

Since then, 27 of the titles, referred to as positive law titles, have been restated and enacted into law by Congress as titles of the Code.

The remaining titles, referred to as non-positive law titles, are made up of sections from many acts of Congress that were either included in the original Code or subsequently added by the editors of the Code, i.e., the Office of the Law Revision Counsel, and its predecessors in the House of Representatives.

In a non-positive law title, the text of a Code section is based on the text of a section of an act as enacted by Congress, but certain editorial changes are made to integrate the section into the Code. Some acts in the credit amend a prior act that amended the section, rather than amend the section itself.

Four common types of changes are discussed below: Section designation. Such an act is listed in the credit in the same manner as one that amended the section directly.

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