Predating christian philosophy

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Predating christian philosophy

The term "heresy" most commonly refers to those beliefs which were declared to be anathema by the Catholic Church prior to the schism of 1054.

As he saw it, the theological thought of the Orient at the time would later be labeled "heresy". Some scholars clearly support Bauer's conclusions and others express concerns about his possible bias.From Wikipedia, a list of heresies can be found here.Heresy is the rejection of one or more established beliefs of a particular religious body, or adherence to other beliefs.The term originated in the context of a minority Protestant view that since faith itself alone is sufficient to attain salvation, adherence to religious law is not necessary, and religious laws themselves are set aside or "abrogated" as inessential.Few groups have claimed to actually be Antinomian, and the term has often been used by one group of Christianity to criticize another's views regarding the relationship of faith vs. The Circumcellions had come to regard martyrdom as the true Christian virtue, and thus disagreed with the Episcopal see of Carthage on the primacy of chastity, sobriety, humility, and charity.

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Traditionally, orthodoxy and heresy have been viewed in relation to the "orthodoxy" as an authentic lineage of tradition.