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Offer durga puja online dating

The ‘lotus’ in Durga’s hand is not in full bloom which symbolizes the certainty of success but not finality.The “Sudarshan-Chakra” which spins around the index finger of the Goddess signifies that the entire world is subservient to the will of Durga and is at her command.All of these Names point to the deepest reaches of our own heart space where our True Nature resides. 30 -pm - sliding scale (nobody turned away for lack of funds) Enroll online at Sitaram Dass served his beloved teacher Ram Dass for several years on Maui, where he committed himself to the practice of Bhakti Yoga.Now he spends his time singing kirtan, teaching, and serving wherever he can.This period falls in the fortnight corresponding to the festival and is called Devi Paksha (“Fortnight of the Goddess”).Devi Paksha is preceded by Mahalaya, the last day of the previous fortnight Pitri Paksha (“Fortnight of the Forefathers”), and is ended on Kojagori Lokkhi Puja (“Worship of Goddess Lakshmi on Kojagori Full Moon Night).In the east, people go crazy over Durga Puja, from the sixth day till the tenth one of this annual festival.

This being the religious center of the festivities, the crowds gather to offer flower worship or pushpanjali on the mornings here, of the sixth to ninth days of the waxing moon fortnight known as Devi Paksha (Devi = goddess; Paksha = period; Devi Paksha meaning the period of the goddess) which is followed by mass feeding, and cultural functions.She uses this unfailing weapon to destroy evil and produce an environment conducive to the growth of righteousness.The ‘sword’ that Durga holds in one of her hands symbolizes knowledge, which has the sharpness of a sword.The ‘conch shell’ in Durga’s hand symbolizes the ‘Pranava’ or the mystic word ‘Om’, which indicates her holding on to God in the form of sound. By holding both the bow and arrow in one hand, “Mother Durga” indicates her control over both aspects of energy – potential and kinetic. One must be firm like thunderbolt in one’s convictions.Similar to thunderbolt that can break anything against which it strikes without being affected itself, the devotee should to undertake a challenge without losing his confidence.

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Durga Puja is the 9-day celebration of Goddess Durga.