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It has been reported the talent has also had some drama roles offered to him, including a role in the upcoming remake of “GTO” planned for July, but the agency has not accepted anything yet, emphasizing the talent’s schedule remains.The penalty given to him reflects the trouble caused to Kuroki’s agency, their sponsors, and his own agency.“Johnny’s & Associates talent Jin Akanishi admits the press reports from February 9 are true and that he married on Feburary 2.Akanishi jin kuroki meisa dating HANGOUT BOUNDARIES ML Kamenashi Kazuya Hatanaka Kosaku Kuroki Meisa Rahibe Angela Kobayashi Satomi Mukoda Seiko Kazuya Kamenashi Meisa Kuroki Satomi Kobayashi Yoshinori .Melissa Benoist Chris Wood Confirm They re Dating by Kissing at Just Jared Her eyes fly open then close again and suddenly they re kissing with abandon neither of them caring that everyone is watching .It's kind of sad you have to decide between a career or a personal life.I'm thinking he didn't tell them because they were going to tell him no (which from your statement above he was probably right). Google Johnny Kitagawa on tumblr - pretty interesting read on the guy.

Meisa declined the offer, but she joked, “once I am with a child and in trouble, I’ll come looking for you”.A strong “backer” seems to have appeared for Jin Akanishi…After Jin Akanishi’s wife Meisa Kuroki have given birth to a baby girl last Sept 23rd, SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was heard saying, “a certain promise must be fulfilled”.The said “promise” between Kuroki and Kusanagi dates back to 2009.Back in 2009, Kusanagi and Kuroki worked together for Fuji TV drama “Ninkyo Helper“.

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I deeply apologise to my fans and the people I work with for all of the trouble I have caused,” Akanishi said in a written statement.

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