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After a while, I cleaned myself up, washed the blood from the crotch of my swimsuit with some soap and water in the sink, and I left the bathroom.

I even dared to put a finger up INSIDE of my body; something I have never attempted when I would masturbate. There was still some light blood and some soreness, but there was also a warm, unusual feeling deep within my stomach. I got out of the pool and ran down the stairs, calling my lover dog, who was now napping on his dog bed.I pulled a towel from the dryer and cleaned myself .My cunt hole was still sore from being viciously torn when dog raped me, but the warmth and sticky fluids beginning to flow from my body started to get me curious about dog's anatomy.He didnot seem to care as I slapped and pushed him repeatedly.It was a good thing I was wearing a tee shirt over my swimsuit, as his nails were already scratching into my back and digging into my sides!

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I pushed him down, tossed the dryer sheet in with the clothes and closed the door.