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The company was owned by a woman with yellowish/whitish colored skin with very long shiny blackish colored hair wearing a dress with maybe a dragon design that went down the entire dress vertically who always went around with a male assistant and one or more male bodyguards.

The work area was mostly an open dark room that was mostly lit by the many computer screens and various electronic devices in the building, it was like a command/intelligence room/center/headquarters-like room, and there were various workers doing various jobs.

Abundant details can be found in my many essays (this one provides a recent overview).

Instead of turning away from data and models, I take my advice from Carl Sagan. For me, one of the particularly bothersome aspects of our climate-change predicament is the relentless bargaining by people who should know better.

He let his boss know that he would not be causing anymore problems and that he would continue his job and that he did not want any trouble, and his boss replied: “I know that you wont’! His boss congratulated him for having common sense and making the right choice and behaving like a good little boy instead of trying to do things the hard way, and then she told him that on the next work day that she wanted him to redo the training (low-level brainwashing) program; and then she told him that he could leave.

Before they could start talking they were approached by their boss and her male assistant and a male bodyguard to their surprise, and their boss told them that she had spied on them and that she knew about everything (including their relationship); and she told them that she spies on all of her employees in various ways since/because they worked at a very secure facility that dealt with classified/secret information/things.

She gave a hidden warning/threat to the man and she told him to follow her to the one-story house (which she owned to his/their surprise), his female co-worker was left behind like her boss was not worried about her (she only saw the man as a possible risk who needed to be warned to keep him under control), and she was very over-confident and smiling/laughing.

He walked away still afraid while thinking about the situation, and he walked to his female co-worker to talk to her about the situation; and he knew that he could resist the low-level brainwashing, and he told her not to worry.

The next day at work he began the training (low-level brainwashing) program which involved watching videos, listening to audio, answering questions, looking at lights, playing memory/mind/mental games, and various other interactive things on a computer and other devices; but that possibly was only the first phase of it.

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