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Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

See the sticky thread on “Dehibernating the Ironhead” for more details on first start up preparation.

THE ENGINE OIL The engine oil is kept in the oil tank under the seat, filler cap on the right hand side, drain plug in the bottom of the tank.

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The oil tank has a supply line from the bottom, a return line to the top, and a third, smaller vent line that runs from the top of the oil tank to the rear of the cam timing chest, in behind the timing chest, behind the rear cylinder. Only top it up after running the engine to clear any drained down oil from the sump first, or you will end up with an overfull oil tank and oil will puke out the engine breather, onto the floor on pre-79 models, into the air filter 79 and onwards. There is so little oil in the sump it is not worth the risk of messing with. If you have an aftermarket inline oil filter, screw the old one off, and screw on a new one. The filter should be in the return line, so no need to prime it. Fill the oil tank up to the low mark on the dipstick, or about full by sight. XLH side mounted oil tank, pre-1979 has a filter that drops in the oil filler neck and filters the returning oil.

90w gear oil is not a favourite either because it can make the clutch sticky sometimes. Drain some off from the oil tank, ride the bike, then top up the level.

If the bike has not been run for a week or more, the oil can drain down into the sump and puke out the breather a bit on start up.

COMXLF Angel Riders Memorial XLF Social Groups XLF Blogs XL Shout-Chat XL Arcade XL Downloads XL Links XL Photo Gallery XL Member List Contact Admin Recommend Us The CYA Legal Stuff (PLEASE READ) This has got to be the Number 1 question on here by new Ironhead owners who are still waiting for their workshop manual to arrive.

How do I change the oil, and is the transmission / primary / gearbox oil separate from the engine oil or the same?

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