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Dating telefunken tubes

In the left panel I decided to provide access to the PSU and boost capacitor voltages in the calibration panel (lower left) and I also fitted a flashing red LED next to the anode and screen sockets to indicate high voltage present.My only regret is that I chose to use cheap plastic bodied 2mm sockets from China rather than the more expensive metal-bodied ones - big mistake.

Haben Sie weitere Informationen über die oben gezeigten Röehrenprüfer und Hersteller (Modelle, Adressen, etc.)?My best regards, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.Pentti, OH3GQM 11th of December 2017, after a bit of problems with oscillations Paolos u Tracer is working perfectly!Ive never before seen such a detailed and next to perfect construction manual! I mixed the two 121k Ohm resistors up with 12k1 resistors, which resulted in -4V instead of -40 Volts. You may want to put a warning into the next revision of the manual. However, on the pictures in the manual, it is also not populated. Dear Ronald For quite a lot of years ago together with Lauri Salasmaa we ordered u Tracer, and these two were the very first u Tracers in Finland. Now one of my RA-friends came to me to see the Racal RA 1772, which I have in my hamshack, and he was very interested in the u Tracer.Whenever a question came to my mind, it was already covered in the next sentence of the manual. I finished the circuit, made the first measurement (a half of ECC8? Then I designed the box for these two instruments, which I even manufactured, and I put my print in it, but then my forces ended. He has now studied the u Tracer-pages, and maybe he shall build his own instrument, too. The other, built by Salasmaa, is similar, even the colour of the box is the same.

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