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Dating a hermit

And it wouldn't be a stretch to say that most people's lives revolve around their primary love relationship. However, women will tell you that there's nothing more attractive in a man than self-acceptance (which is the same as complacency).

So towards the end of med school, I started to read some pertinent books and hanging out with guys savvier than me in this dating realm.

While we don’t need to be treated with kid gloves, these 15 tips will help you to get the most out of your dating experience and to understand our psyche a little clearer.

She was also 19, with an irresistible English accent and very cute to boot. Except that she dumped me, pulverizing my heart into nanoparticles. We’re now coming up on our two year anniversary and I have news – we’re getting hitched!! Next May, 2014, my 52 First Dates saga will come to the ultimate end – marriage. Some people might blow off steam at the end of the week by chatting it up over a beverage or two, but for those that don’t crave that kind of social interaction, solitude provides an equally fulfilling sense of stress relief.Introverts don’t want to be completely alone, but they need people Here is the misconception about people who like their own company: they do actually enjoy being a social butterfly, just in small doses.

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